Meet the Member: Erin Donovan

Erin does some thinkin' with Pooh Bear at Disney World

Erin does some thinkin' with Pooh Bear at Disney World

One of SPARE’s founding members, Erin Donovan remains an inspiration to the company, even as she moves away from Binghamton to start her professional life. Erin moved to Orlando, Florida last fall to participate in the Disney College Program, and she recently left SPARE’s Board of Directors to focus on her new life. But that doesn’t mean she’s not proud of her work with SPARE.

“I’m particularly proud of the fact that we set up the company in the first place,” said Erin, alluding to the hard work that went into starting SPARE almost four years ago, before adding an initiative she spearheaded: “and the Member Relations Committee.”

Erin’s favorite SPARE show so far? “I’d have to say The Drowsy Chaperone, because that was the first show where I said, ‘This company’s going to kick off.’”

“It was a big learning experience for all of us,” she said, “but it was really the first show where I felt like we were a company.”

Even as she’s a little sad to be leaving SPARE, Erin is looking ahead to her new life in Florida.

“I’m working for an internship program with Walt Disney World,” she said. “The internship ends in July, but hopefully, I’ll be staying around with the company for a little while – fingers crossed.”

“Disney is one big family,” she added, “so it does remind me, in many ways, of SPARE. Everyone works together to create happiness. The smile is my reward."

Erin says she is still thankful for all that SPARE has taught her over the years. “SPARE taught me how to organize and plan really well,” she said. “You have to start in January for your show in August!” She says those life skills have been particularly helpful to her as she moved down to Florida.

Erin has what many of us consider the world's best hobby: “Right now,” she said, “my free time is just running around Disney World, so I don’t want to brag!”

We’re all thankful for Erin’s service on SPARE’s Board of Directors, and we wish her the best going forward! Keep in touch!