Meet the Member: Catherine Carter

Our Vice President, and one of our founding Board Members, Catherine Carter

Our Vice President, and one of our founding Board Members, Catherine Carter

This month, we decided to interview our dedicated Vice President, Catherine Carter, for our “Meet the Member” column. Catherine attended Marywood University in Scranton, PA, and works as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. When asked what she does as the VP, Catherine said “I regulate the membership roster and contracts, our time sheets for the company, and I nag Brian constantly for my next projects. I pretty much do everything Brian can’t do at certain times-for example I stepped in and made our agenda for our Board meeting when he was bombarded with auditions for the show [this past month]”. But that’s not all! Catherine is also the Fundraising Committee chair, the Insurance Committee ranking member, a columnist for the SPARE newsletter, organizer of the New York City trip, and finishing up whatever responsibilities are left for the grants that SPARE received for Into the Woods!

While all of Catherine’s jobs are important, one of her more important roles is the chair of the Fundraising Committee. As chair, it’s her job to regulate our busiest and biggest committee. Catherine helps out with all the fundraisers, and more often than not, runs a few of her own! When asked about what was most hard about the job, Catherine told us “We are the largest member based committee and we bring in most of SPARE’s income to keep things running, so we have a lot riding on our shoulders when we plan these events… It’s been easier to organize things especially now that we’re in our third season but I’m hoping we can take some risks and try new fundraisers and events next year”!

If anyone reading this is feeling particularly inspired by all of Catherine’s hard work, fear not! There are ways for you to help! Coming up in May is a Rummage Sale that we are looking for donations to help fuel! Later in the summer, we will be having an Uncorked Creations painting night, Spaghetti Dinner, and Barnes and Noble book fair in June, a car wash and bake sale in July, an Applebee’s pancake breakfast and Moe’s/Hoopla night in August and (hopefully) a Doug’s Fish Fry event in September! While talking to us about this myriad of fundraisers, Catherine mentioned that “these are great opportunities for our members to get involved and for the public to learn about [SPARE]! Catherine’s personal favorites are the Barnes and Noble Book fair, “because we’re going to have the Into the Woods cast dressed up and doing performances/meet and greets with the customers which will be so cute”, and the Hatala Car-wash, which always brings everyone together for a fun day.

When asked about what she does in life outside of SPARE, Catherine replied first with “I have a life outside of SPARE? Haha”! But later, she elaborated that she enjoys watching Netflix, reading books, exercising, relaxing, and goofing off. In the future, she hopes to go to grad school and work in a hospital. “I’ll always be part of SPARE and its goals”, she told us. “The best part about theater is that you can always be part of it regardless of age, location or talent. I really love what we've created and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. It’s amazing to see how far we've come and we will be shooting up this summer, let alone 5-10 years from now! We are definitely a force to be reckoned with!”